Herrie Hupkes

Beeldend Kunstenaar


Herrie Hupkes was born in the year 1937 in the city of Arnhem The Netherlands , Mr Hupkes decided , after many years as an independent entrepreneur to turn his back on the business world and become a full time artist . To this end he enrolled at the Arnhem Academy of fine Arts in the year 1983 where he completed his degree in 1998 .

Mr. Hupkes is involved in all the different facets of art , such as drawing , sketching and painting but feels himself most strongly drawn to the art of water painting for which the Franch landscapes turn out to be a continuous inspiration . A fair share of these aquarels will , in the studio , become the inspiration of ,  or the basis for oil paintings .

His work should be described as realistic; He tries with a fairly loose and fast way of sketching and/or painting to give the impression of the chosen subject . Not only does he find linen a nice and acceptable background to paint on but he also reasonably often uses cardboard for the purpose .

The pesentation of seminars to particular groups and individuals he considers very important and enjoyable as well as in class format duringhops presented in his own atelier to smaller groups of students.

While teaching Hupkes may like to draft a scratch paper to draw what exactly is the intention. Besides a few examples of such scraps.